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Encore Propane, Dallas Texas  2013 to 2016

Unique, fast growing company, providing best in class propane cylinder exchange services for propane powered forklifts in Kansas City, Memphis, San Antonio, Austin and The Inland Empire in California.


Led the company out of bankruptcy to become profitable and to generate positive cash flow in Q1 2014. From 2013 to 2015, the company increased gallons delivered by 90% and EBITDA by $1.4 Million.

C12 Capital Partners 2008 to Present

CEO & Managing Director

Boutique consulting practice focused on being the business “paramedic” to work side by side with company owners and CEO’s seeking to dramatically improve cash flow, profitability, stakeholder and shareholder value.   

SSEC, Dallas, TX 1997 to 2008

A privately held buyer and reseller of used capital equipment. The company has purchased tens of millions of dollars of equipment on a worldwide basis from Intel, IBM, Micron, Fujitsu, TSMC, LSI Logic, Agere, Motorola, Matsushita and numerous leasing companies.

President (2004 to 2008)

Recruited as Managing Director in 1997; advanced to President in 2004. Accomplished this initially by forging a strategic partnership with an Austin-based friendly competitor in the same industry. Proceeded to cement a partnership relationship with an established Tokyo company with extensive industry international relationships.

  • Led the company during 10 successful years capturing sales that generated a 46% gross profit and 30% net income. Consistently managed operational costs and achieved sustained sales and profitability increases since 2002.
  • Increased sales 200% and gross margin 81%; reduced costs 19% and increased net income 388% over a three-year period. Achieved this by downsizing and relocating the business, developing strategic partnerships in the US and in Japan, and hiring a high performing sales team.
  • Developed global marketing, sales and vendor relationships in the equipment servicing industry throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Managing Director (1997 to 2004)

Primarily responsible for sourcing and negotiating the purchase of equipment for resale. Charged with developing partnerships and supplier/vendor relationships.

  • Instrumental in the purchasing of equipment and facilitating many of the sales delivering $19M in sales; $11M in gross profit and $9M in profits in year 2000.


  • Negotiated a purchase of 98 pieces of equipment for $650K and resold for $2.5M during first year of operations.
  • Led and negotiated the successful buyout of Mustang Management from majority shareholder and positioned asset sale to SSEC; managed the subsequent integration of operations.
  • Established many strategic relationships, including exclusive contract to sell Intel’s surplus equipment.

MUSTANG MANAGEMENT, Dallas, TX 1992 to 1997

A boutique high tech capital equipment trading company specializing in the semiconductor industry.

Vice President

Responsible for sales and operations of the organization. Provided strategic planning, sales team leadership and creative innovations to improve bottom line performance.

  • Developed and implemented business strategies that increased sales, company awareness, and profitability.
  • Brokered sales and bought equipment while controlling costs, which resulted in a profit during the first year of operations.

AMBAC INTERNATIONAL, Columbia, SC 1988 to 1992

A $100 million multi-national diesel fuel injection manufacturing company serving the diesel engine manufacturing and military sectors.

Assistant to the Chairman

Responsible for all merger and acquisition activities. Served as a member of the Board of Directors for a hospital where Ambac had an ownership interest. Primary contact for a strategic alliance with a substantial Russian manufacturing company.

  • Led the $13M acquisition of an underperforming automation company from a Fortune 1,000 company; responsible for financial and operational due diligence, including final contract negotiations.
  • Turned around a West Virginia Hospital from Chapter 11, interfacing directly with all partnership interests. Negotiated the successful sale of ownership interest to minority partners.
  • Revitalized and turned around a $1M product line which sold products on an international basis, by hiring a key salesman and meeting with key distributors in the US and Europe to identify and implement critical technical and delivery improvements.


CORPORATE DYNAMICS, INC, Dallas, TX 1986 to 1988

CEO Investment Banking

FRITO LAY, INC., Dallas, TX 1983 to 1986

Group Manager

Directed the Industrial Engineering Field Support group, with responsibility for 5 Industrial Engineers supporting productivity improvement efforts for (5) Area Vice Presidents across (39) manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

  • Key liaison with the Manufacturing Engineering Group to justify and implement major capital cost reduction programs throughout the company.
  • Led company-wide labor productivity improvement programs for all manufacturing facilities.

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