Performance Turnaround

2013 to 2016 Encore Propane was underperforming after coming out of a lengthy bankruptcy battle. Returned the company to positive cash flow and profitability in early 2014. Grew the business 90% in gallons delivered from 2013 to 2015, while increasing EBITDA $1.4 Million.

’07 SSEC wanted to expand its sales coverage in Asia. As President, identified and negotiated a strategic partnership and alliance with a Japanese firm that had sales coverage in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and China. This led to a 200% increase in sales, an 81% increase in gross profits and 388% increase in net income during a 3 year period. Net income grew to become the second best in the history of the company.

Business Continuation and Sales Leadership

’04 SSEC experienced an ownership dispute that resulted in the buyout of the minority owner and the termination of all employees. As President of the new company, structured a unique profit sharing partnership with an Austin based company and led the timely relocation of our entire business from Dallas to Austin, reducing our operating expenses by 29%.

’97 SSEC had lost its key salesperson, and was facing declining sales, increased overhead, and declining profits. As Managing Director, identified and negotiated a strategic alliance with a strong sales team, which led to a sales increase of 54% and a profit increase of 166% for the next fiscal year.

Merger and Acquisition Leadership

’90 As Assistant to the Chairman responsible for M&A activities of a $100 million multi-national manufacturing company, sourced a unique underperforming automation business unit of a Fortune 1000 company. Analyzed the acquisition target, orchestrated meetings with the seller at their corporate offices, and assembled and led a due diligence team that included legal and financial support. During the 6-month due diligence phase, which included interviewing all of the key employees and meeting with key customers,led the negotiations, which finalized the $13 million transaction for a minimal cash outlay and led to strategic management changes that enabled the company to return to profitability.

Facility Closure and Consolidation

As the Manager of Industrial Engineering for Borden Snacks, performed the analysis of two companies we had recently acquired, which generated a recommendation to close two facilities and consolidate additional capacity into the larger Dallas facility. Was then tasked by the Division President to lead and implement this proposal, which was completed on time (six months) and under budget, with annualized savings of approximately $4 million per year.